The first investigation into the show is about taxes. How boring! New Jersey State Senator Joseph Vitale doesn't like the way the show depicts Italian-Americans and launched an investigation into the show's wages and hiring practices. Leave Jersey Shore alone!

Vitale launched all his venom at our favorite program through NBC New York, "Saying that the young people on Jersey Shore represent all young Italian Americans is like saying The Jerry Springer Show represents responsible journalism."

Along with asking MTV and parent company Viacom to cancel the show and advertisers to boycott it, he got the Department of Labor and Workforce Development to open an investigation into the employment status and wages paid to the cast members on the show as well as the tax status of the Shore Store, the emporium of awesome that hired the kids as "Shore Store Whores" during their stay last summer. If Bossman Danny goes to jail over this, we are going to be seriously pissed. And if this investigation keeps us from getting a second season, that will suck more than Snooki with a fresh jar of Vlasics.