Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, the man who attempted to blow up his crotch on a flight to Detroit, is being held in a federal prison in Michigan. His bail is scheduled to be set on January 8. Where is the outrage?

As we all know, especially if we listen to jackass House Republicans, holding terrorists or would-be terrorists or non-terrorists accused of terrorism in prisons inside US borders is basically like giving them a free ticket to Disneyland and telling them to go nuts. It is basically a death sentence for your children.

Liz Cheney tried to warn us! Pete Hoekstra tried to warn us! According to Pete, once Gitmo prisoners to go Michigan, they will get something called "rights," and those "rights" include the right to blow up your house and cancel Christmas retroactively.

But no one is bitching about this Abdulmutallab guy being held in Michigan! Liz Cheney hasn't even said anything! That is so weird!