As the 2000s become the 2010s, we all feel a little bit different and older, even if we can't see it. Not so for the liberal's Walter Cronkite, Jon Stewart.

That said, Mr. Stewart still looks dreamy enough to make any left-leaning lady (and some of the boys) cream her jeans. Thanks to The Daily Show's Decade in Review we can see what a pipsqueak he was when he started though. All though years fighting the good fight during a conservative regime have made him tougher and a little world-weary, like Alec Guinness at the end of The Bridge on the River Kwai.

As the years go by the hair has gotten a bit thinner and grayer (blame the Bush administration), though the style hasn't changed. Same thing with the ties. While he didn't follow the skinnier silhouette preferred by popular fashion, he has changed to more of a stripey pattern from the solids he preferred earlier in the decade. The paper and pen though, they're still there every night. As are the jokes. Thanks for being there for us, Jon, even though you make us all feel old.