Today at Gawker.TV, the Snooki Punch reenacted by dogs, Family Guy's failed predecessor's rare pilot episode, Mythbusters takes on matches and guns, grannies on greenscreen, and Arrested Development's Maeby takes on the Teen Witch "Take That" rap-battle.

Alia Shawkat Takes On the Teen Witch Rap
Alia Shawkat, better known as Maeby on Arrested Development, stars in this promo for designer Rachel Antonoff's 2010 collection. Rachel's also featured alongside Alia in this tribute to the "Top That" scene from 80s classic, Teen Witch.

The Snooki Punch, Now with More Dog!
You gotta hand it to Americans, they're crafty. If MTV doesn't want to show Snooki getting punched in the face, people will re-create it in as many ways possible until our craving for misogynistic violence is satisfied. Today's re-interpretation: puppies.

Seth Macfarlane's Failed Pilot: The Family Guy That Wasn't
Did you know in 1996 Seth Macfarlane made a pilot for Cartoon Network called Larry and Steve? It happened. Peter, Brian, and Quagmire were all a part of the show as slightly askew versions of their present selves.

Mythbusters: Can You Light a Match with a Bullet?
Last night's Mythbusters tackled the age-old question: can one light a "strike anywhere" match with a bullet from from a gun? Okay, so maybe the question isn't so "age-old," but it sure makes for an interesting case.

Grandmas Act Adorably Old in "Green Screen Grannys"
Two cute old ladies, Millie and Fran (like they could be named anything else), are put in front of a green screen pretending they're on a rollercoaster. That's it. Maybe they could be a replacement for Leno at 10 PM?