On December 30, 1965 Heidi Fleiss was born. Today we take a look at the woman that Charlie Sheen made famous by paying her for sex.

She came into our lives in 1993 when she was arrested in connection to an elite Los Angeles prostitution ring. From selling her body to drug addiction, this Hollywood madam might often fear the long arm of the law, but she's never been afraid of removing her clothes and taking on two and a half men. She's now running a hotel for dogs in Nevada or is it a coin operated laundry machine emporium? Well, whatever it is, it's going to take a back seat as Fleiss is to appear on Season 3 of Celebrity Rehab— begging the question, why haven't people gone back to watching sitcoms yet?

Seriously, just watch this clip, I'd sit through my dad trying to explain what "making love" means way before I'd sit through Heidi telling me to put a British vibrator on my balls again. Who is that with you Heidi? PETER SELLERS' DAUGHTER?!!! Oh my God, this is the result of my hero's copulation with his hottest wife, Britt Eckland? Dear God in Heaven, Why?