Today at Gawker.TV, Al Roker's not making much sense lately, Teen Mom continues to scare us from doing the nasty, a wedding proposal on the Weather Channel, another new chef show, and Good Morning America attempts to explain Keyboard Cat.

A Sleepless, Partied-Out Al Roker Is No Comedian
Al Roker is so dedicated to his craft that he'll broadcast the weather via satellite during his holiday vacation. In Los Angeles. At five in the morning. Watch this clip and you tell me whether he's had any sleep today.

GMA Teaches Us about the Viral Sensation of 'Keyboard Kitty'
Good to know that the technology contributors over at Good Morning America have such a grasp on web culture. Listen to this "expert" flub up Keyboard Cat's name multiple times during a segment on the best viral videos. Ouch.

Private Chefs of Beverly Hills Serves Up Bitchy Clients, Catty Chefs
Skilled chefs in Hollywood, some of them gay, some of them foreign. High-end, demanding clients, most of them assholes. When the two worlds collide, it sounds like the recipe for success, right? Maybe!

A Wedding Proposal on the Weather Channel
The boyfriend of a Weather Channel reporter interrupted her mid-forecast by getting down on one knee and proposing. Awww! You may now return to your regularly scheduled weather reports.

Teen Mom, Where Hindsight Is Always 20/20
Oy. The rollercoaster of a train wreck of a nuclear meltdown that is Teen Mom continues to slowly crush our souls. This week: more fighting, more advice, and a whole lot of regret.