There have been many not-very-nice bankers before. There have been many not-very-nice husbands too. But this man, Jason Meyers, is clearly gifted in both departments. His wife is suing him, and the details are gruesome.

The New York Post report that, after he slapped her and pulled her hair in public Meyers admitted that seeing his new wife Miryam upset turned him on. Which fits nicely with this:

The sordid details include a claim by Miryam Meyers, 29, that her 42-year-old hubby "called her a 'bitch' and ejaculated on her face" after she refused his order to "tell him that she was his 'slave' and that he was 'the most powerful man in the world' " while they were getting it on.

It wasn't just overly-enthusiastic role-playing though. The marriage ended just 15 days after their wedding when Meyers locked Miryam out of his Long Island home, then dragged her through a broken window when she tried to get back in. He then threw her in the shower and turned on the cold water.

The next day, he slapped Miryam with divorce papers that accused her "of being a prostitute."

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