Is Salar Kamangar the most eligible bachelor in Silicon Valley? Well, he is fabulously wealthy, sleekly handsome, and — all too rare in nerd central — a smooth operator. His downside?

Kamangar dated Ivanka Trump, according to the Google gossip mill, and later attended her recent marriage to New York Observer owner Jared Kushner. Say what you will about the most self-promotional heir to the most self-promotional man (papa Donald) in real estate, but the Trump brand hardly gels with the image Kamangar has crafted for himself as a "soft spoken" if effective tech exec, a behind-the-scenes fixer, and a sort of anti-Marissa Mayer.

Mayer, the Search Product VP, was Googler number 20, while Kamangar is 12 or lower, says the WSJ, meaning he must be quite wealthy on his stock options (Mayer's fortune is believed in the hundreds of millions). But it's high school pom-pom queen Mayer who gets the glossy press profile, with spreads in Vogue and Glamour, while Kamangar settles for occasional notices in the business press for his efforts to wring money from YouTube. Ken Auletta's book on Google noted his contributions to a Google pricing system, while a Wall Street Journal profile portrayed him as the quietly aggressive exec who "smooth[ed] communications" between YouTube and Google's Mountain View headquarters.

His discretion, in the end, may be what makes Kamangar a bit less desirable than the likes of other Valley bachelors like Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Digg's Kevin Rose: for all the Valley girls we're told swoon over his smarts and "exotic" good looks (he's of Iranian heritage), there are no doubt countless others, less inured to fame than Trump, looking for a big name and an escape from their own anonymity.

We're sure Kamangar will get over that, somehow.

(Pics in composite image: Kamangar, Trump with Kamangar. Both by Auren Hoffman.)