On Sunday, Fox News analyst Brit Hume urged Tiger Woods to renounce his weird Asian religion and accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior. But don't call it proselytizing! Hume appeared tonight on O'Reilly to say this obvious untruth.

Uh huh. Then there is the requisite Clinton bashing and moaning over America's anti-Christian bent. Maybe if you guys stopped proselytizing all the time people would like you more. For example, Hume proselytized even directly after saying he wasn't proselytizing:

If Tiger Woods were to make a true conversion, we would know it. It would show through in his being. And he would know it, above all. And he would feel the extraordinary blessing that would be. And it would shine because he is so prominent. It would be a shining light. It would be a magnificent thing to witness.

The only possible explanation is that Hume thought O'Reilly had asked him if he was "pro-styling." In which case, no. It was not pro-styling. It was proselytizing.