Snooki took some time from her busy bar-hopping tour tonight to stop by The Jay Leno Show (via satellite) and participate in the 10@10 segment. Her New Year's Eve hotel debacle, Bumpits, pickles, Twilight, Sinatra and more—ahead!

For those unfamiliar with Leno's show—so, 99% of you—the 10@10 bit consists of him inviting on a celebrity and then asking him/her 10 questions at random. The key to success for a segment like this is an unpredictable, flighty guest—thankfully, Snooki delivered on both counts. Watch below.

So, what did we learn about Snooki tonight? Let's recap some of the highlights.

  • Fame has definitely gone to her head sick pouf (not that there's anything wrong with that).
  • Tanning beds are the key to a better world for all.
  • Not even she is trashy enough for Bumpits.
  • Pickles may or may not be cucumbers.
  • If there's one reason why Twilight sucks, it's the lack of pictures.
  • It's impossible to hide from TMZ.
  • If you're dating her, be a Guido or face certain infidelity.
  • Blue Suede Shoes is one of Frank Sinatra's sickest tracks.

And, there you have it! Another interview, another chance for us to witness the Princess of Poughkeepsie, snookin' her way to the top.

[The Jay Leno Show]