Arianna Huffington: So powerful she will insist on being taken seriously even after we hear her sexy bear voice in The Cleveland Show, and read a blog about her sleep patterns and dream cycles.

The queen of all things webby and karmic is lending her voice to a mama bear named Arianna for Family Guy spin-off The Cleveland Show. And if this web extra has anything to say about it, Arianna's ursine come-hither will make everyone a little uncomfortable:

In other fun-loving, relatable Arianna news, Ms. Huffington and gal pal Cindi Leive, editor-in-chief of Glamour, have posed the Sleep Challenge 2010 as a New Year's resolution. Check out HuffPost Living's adorable splash announcing the challenge. It looks like an ad for fabric softener:

Both women have suffered deeply from lack of sleep. Particularly the Huff:

Arianna... had a rude (and painful) awakening two years ago when she passed out from exhaustion, broke her cheekbone and got five stitches over her eye.

Yikes. Good luck with the sleep thing, you two. I won't be reading your biweekly blogs about it, because ego-blogging about sleep patterns sounds a trifle boring. Unless, of course, you turn out to sleep in cocktail dresses for real, in which case I'd like to know your anti-wrinkle secret. Is it in the softener?