I've heard that the new Tucker Max show will be a musical. They've already written the big show-stopper number: I Feel Poopy. Here are the lyrics: I feel poopy Oh so poopy I feel shitty and crappy — the pits! Pants are droopy That the walls are spattered with my shit (La la la la la la la la!) I made jobby In the lobby On the ceiling, the walls and the floor! Maid is sobby Cuz she has to clean it up — she's poor! (Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!) See that poopy guy in the lobby there (What lobby where?) Who can shit-spattered guy be? (Which one where who?) Such a poopy ass, such a poopy head, such a poopy leg, such a poopy knee! (Such a poopy knee, such a poopy knee, such a poopy knee) So much feces For my species This must be a new record I've hit Here's my thesis: It must be 'cause I'm so full of shit!