Penelope Trunk knows about her co-workers' quiet conversations; Nick Douglas' super knows what he does near his computer; and Alex Payne knows he's got a hot property on his hands. The Twitterati can teach you a thing or two.

Eavesdropping career columnist Penelope Trunk knows from office secrets, and wants you to know you're doing it wrong.

It's true, Mr. Smarty Pants Cajun Boy, Casey Johnson is done tweeting. But if she ever did somehow tweet again, and you missed it, you'd feel awfully foolish, now wouldn't you?

Is Twitter's Alex Payne trying to sell his uptime monitor to everyone, or just me? Eh, looks like "everyone."

No one tell the Huffington Post's new tech editor that Mike Arrington has had his for like a month already. Everyone likes shiny presents, even when they come a bit late.

If the super knew Vice's Nick Douglas just a little bit better, he would have realized there was a perfectly innocent explanation for the toilet paper next to his computer. Then, if he kept getting to know him further, he'd probably swing back toward his initial judgement. "Medium acquaintanceship" is Nick Douglas' ideal distance, from his super.

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