Marilyn Manson's Inability to Let Go Culminates in Evan Rachel Wood Marriage Proposal

When you go crawling back to the ex you moulded in the shape of another ex who wouldn't take you back, it's time for readjusting, not a wedding. Sharon Stone joins Law & Order: SVU, A-Rod hooks up. Gossip!

  • Marilyn Manson apparently proposed on stage in Paris to Evan Rachel Wood. Though the Mirror tends to be dubious on stuff like this, they wouldn't just make up a wedding proposal in front of a huge crowd of people—would they? I can't keep track of his army of knock-off Ditas. This isn't goth-rock-edgy creepy, anymore. It's past-your-prime-get-over-it creepy, now. [Mirror]

  • Sharon Stone signed on for a four-episode Law & Order: SVU arc in which she'll play a cop-turned prosecutor. Mischa Barton, meanwhile, will have but one humiliating cameo as a hooker named Gladys in March. I really want to be nice to Mischa because she seems like she's had a bad run of late—but these terrible candid shopping shots just aren't helping. Note to self: When in schlub mode, avoid clingy metallics. [P6] [TVGuide] [FadedYouth]

  • The Daily News' Casey Johnson coverage is heartbreaking. Father and Jets owner Woody Johnson is "devastated"; Woody's brother died of an overdose in 1975, and he lived in fear of Casey repeating history. Mother Sale "desperately tried to help her," and a family friend really thought she was "on the right path" and coming back to New York, where she could've pulled it back together. "She had nobody and was lost" said Jasmine Lennard, the friend Casey alleged robbed last month. [NYDN]

  • Marc Malkin speculates on what will happen to Casey's daughter Ava-Monroe. Since Ava's granny, Sale Johnson, was already her de facto guardian, Ava will likely grow up with Sale and her ex-NFL star husband Ahmad Rashad. [E]

  • Casey Johnson's autopsy is complete, and though they're still waiting on her tox screen, there was no physical evidence of suicide or homicide. Biggest surprise: Law enforcement found "an insignificant" amount of prescription drugs in her home, despite claims from friends that Casey was abusing OxyContin and Klonopin. There, however, were empty insulin syringes for treating her diabetes. [TMZ]

  • A-Rod's got a new lady! Like all the others, she is blonde, and that's about all we know. They met at the gym, which must be an awfully intimidating place to meet him. [P6]

  • Michael Musto's blind items used to always be about Courtney Love. Now, "if you guess Amy Winehouse every time, you'll get at least 60 percent right." [P6]

  • Jenny Craig is getting a spokesman: Jason Alexander, who says he's doing it simply because "I'm fat and they work." He will decline the traditional post-weight loss bikini shot. [P6]

  • An influx of fake Birkins have overrun New York. All the poors—i.e., "everyone who wasn't in Aspen or St. Barts over the holidays"—picked one up to avoid the usual $65K price, including Olivia Palermo. [P6]

  • Some woman no one has ever heard of says she had a whirlwind marriage to Michael Jackson in the 1970s, though she doesn't remember when, and the only people there were employees at a hotel. She'd like some alimony, please. [TMZ]

  • Jennifer Lopez thinks her role opposite husband Marc Anthony in El Cantate was "Oscar-worthy." Never afraid to stand alone, that one. [JustJared]