Hello! Are you watching TV tonight? You are? Awesome. Here's what you need to do: turn the channel to CBS at 9:00 PM and join us in the comments as we live blog The 36th Annual People's Choice Awards.

Tonight's live show will be broadcast from the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles. Queen Latifah will serve as host—and will also perform, along with Mary J Blige—as awards are handed out for more than 30 categories, including this year's addition of Web Celeb. CBS boasts that a record-breaking 60 million votes have been counted so far. The winners' trophy has also been updated for 2010; check it out above (new one is on the right).

Celebrities expected to attend include Carrie Underwood, Taylor Lautner, Ashton Kutcher, Sandra Bullock and a hopefully not sober (again) Mariah Carey, among others.

For a full list of nominees, click here.

If you've never live blogged with us before, don't worry—it's easy. Just post along with the rest of us in the comments and talk about the show as it airs. It really is that simple, and it's a total free for all (in the context of the broadcast, of course), so don't worry about anything but having fun!

I'll be updating this post as the broadcast goes on to include the results. If there's a funny/crazy/unexpected moment, you can expect to see a screen grab or video clip pop up shortly thereafter. I'm sure I'll miss some things, though, so please feel free to let me know in the comments if you see anything particularly worthy of some visual attention.

Here are some helpful links:

[Live Stream of the Red Carpet and Backstage]
[Again, the Nominees]
[Official Site]
[CBS Site]
[Red Carpet Photos, from Getty]
[More Red Carpet Photos, from ONTD]

OK, I think that about covers it. See you in the comments!

Favorite Talk Show: The Ellen DeGeneres Show
Favorite Comedy Movie: The Proposal
Favorite R&B Artist: Mariah Carey
Favorite TV Comedy Actor: Steve Carell
Favorite TV Comedy Actress: Alyson Hannigan
Favorite TV Comedy: The Big Bang Theory
Favorite Country Artist: Carrie Underwood
Favorite TV Drama Actor: Hugh Laurie
Favorite TV Drama: House
Favorite Movie Actress: Sandra Bullock
Favorite Action Star: Hugh Jackman
Favorite Breakout Movie Star: Taylor Lautner
Favorite Male Artist: Keith Urban
Favorite Web Celeb: Ashton Kutcher
Favorite New TV Drama: Vampire Diaries
Favorite New TV Comedy: Glee
Favorite Female Artist: Taylor Swift
Favorite Actor of the Decade: Johnny Depp


Here's Queen Latifah doing her opening number. She looks angry.

Here's Cloris Leachman's, making a random appearance as a dominatrix in a Paranormal Activity parody.

After Mariah Carey won Favorite R&B Artist, she gave the following acceptance speech. While not quite as good as her drunken one from last night, it still had its moments—including the fact that husband Nick Cannon had to help her walk up to the stage, on account of her dress, which she referred to as "a drama."

Crazy eyes, courtesy Mary J Blige.

Apparently, Will.I.Am can't pronounce people's names.

Obligatory Taylor Lautner shot for the girls and gays.

News Flash: George Lopez is still painfully unfunny, and—somehow—still making lame, predictable jokes about Tiger Woods.

For the Gleeks.

I'll leave you all with this.