On last night's episode of the proverbial train wreck known as Bad Girls Club the gals were getting ready to hit da club. One problem: Kate didn't want to go to a black one. She's totally not racist, though! Riiiiight...

The scene: Kate, Natalie and Kendra are discussing which club to go to that night. While Natalie and Kendra are in agreement, Kate rejects their choice because she doesn't feel like going to a club on "all black night." Oy.

As all the girls begin to call Kate out on her statements, she gives the classic "I've dated black men!" defense as proof of her total non-racism. What she says after that, however, well... let's just say it's going to be a bit harder to justify—and it includes the words "black," "sweaty" and "place."

Watch it all go down below.

Thanks to Gawker Media video intern Frank Cozzarelli for the tip!

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