Remember Avon Barksdale from The Wire? He was west Baltimore's drug kingpin, played by Wood Harris. He was not to be messed with, because he would have your ass killed. Well this is his real story, shorty.

This "Documentary", I think that's what it's trying to be, is really going for shock value. However, the only thing that's really shocking besides footage of a girl being burned on the face with a branding iron is how hilariously poor the production value is. Also hilarious about this video? Everything. This shit's got dogs barkin', people getting shot in the head, and the "real" Avon Barksdale screaming sweet nothings to the camera. Oh, and Wood Harris, who played Avon in The Wire, is in this video for some reason. That reason may be so he can murder his career.

And one more thing, the voiceover might be the same guy who did The Gathering of the Juggalos. Which is amazing. That guy might have a future of doing voice-over for all unintentionally hilarious viral videos.

Only one thing should be said after viewing this video:

[via Videogum]