In your thawing Thursday media column: Further evidence that Larry King is losing it (more so), Ted Koppel's still got that pizzazz, troubles at Print magazine, and everything remotely associated with the Redskins is corrupt.

Last night Larry King accidentally accused Roman Polanski of a brutal murder. But hey, the real amazing thing is how Larry can talk to anyone about anything!

Whattaya know, good old Ted Koppel is bringing his fine self back to the small screen, of news! ABC is reportedly trying to get Ted to come back and host "This Week" after what's his name, the young fella, golden boy, left. "Friends say Koppel would most like to be secretary of state, but that this perch might be a satisfactory alternative." Uhh. Take what you can get, Ted.

Print magazine has reportedly canned respected editor Emily Gordon in what some fear is a prelude to the canning of Print magazine as a whole.

Recently deceased DC sportscaster George Michael was the undisputed king of DC TV sports guys, and also his station was totally paying off the Redskins in exchange for access. Fuck the racist-ass "Redskins," btw.