There should be a tagline for this show: "Manswers: IF YOUR DICK HAD A MOUTH, IT WOULD ASK THESE QUESTIONS." Essentially today's "answer" solves the "question" of how to murder a woman while you have sex with her.

So to set up this little nugget of a clip, Manswers finds an insane man who makes tender love to women on motorcycles. Or at least that's how we imagine it. They then proceed to interview this insane man—who is probably no stranger to putting out lit cigarettes on his tongue—to answer questions on exactly how to properly fuck a woman on a motorcycle. Who asked, you say? America asked, dick.

What would we do without Manswers? The human race would just bumble around in total uninformed chaos doing really idiotic things like respecting women, reading books and not having sex on motorcycles. Thank you for guiding us Manswers. Thank you.