This NBC late-night shakeup has a shell game quality to it: The Times' Media Decoder now reveals this new lineup, which would possibly be unveiled after NBC's Olympics coverage finishes February 28th. Hey, look: Conan's still there!

11:35pm-12:05am: Jay Leno
12:05am-1:05am: Conan O'Brien
1:05am-2:05am: Jimmy Fallon

According to Media Decoder's Bill Carter, the info comes from two "senior NBC executives" familiar with the plan. Leno's show gets cut down to a half-hour and moved back to his old 11:35pm spot. Conan (presumably still hosting a show called "The Tonight Show") would start at 12:05 am. And poor Jimmy Fallon. He gets moved to 1:05am, which means only weirdo insomniacs will watch his show. (We know how you feel, Jimmy.)