Finally, the premiere of Celebrity Rehab. The show where Dr. Drew exploits serious and life-threatening addictions for our entertainment. Last night, however, belonged to Heidi Fleiss. When you outcrazy Dennis Rodman, you know you're doing something wrong... right...?! know you're doing something.

Heidi reached a pretty low point in her life, where her only confidants were her parrots. Crazy parrot lady! That's a new one. She says they didn't enable her, and they didn't do drugs with her. Well, they didn't exactly discourage her, either. And after a four day meth bender, those parrots probably start doing a lot more than squawking.

In her first interview with Dr. Drew, she shows that she has a loooooong way to go in her recovery, as she essentially smoked meth before she walked in the door to be treated for meth addiction.

And finally, her awkward interactions with other cast members. You can call Heidi Fleiss a whole lot of things, and "hooker" is definitely one of them. Don't worry, she'll thank you for it.

This is all entertaining and easy to laugh at, but we sincerely hope the next thing we call Heidi is "recovering addict."

Thanks for the clips, Jessica!