Today at Gawker.TV, a couple pays for their wedding with cans, Heidi Fleiss is insane, Flea and Josh Groban's rendition of the National Anthem, competitive feline, swimming, and Homer Simpson reads a special Top Ten List on The Late Show.

Homer Simpson's Top Ten List Takes a Look Back Over the Last Twenty Years
Last night David Letterman's Late Show welcomed a special cameo by one of television's favorite fathers. Here's Homer Simpson reminding us of the things we've learned over the past double-decade, and a declaration exposing the irony in such a statement.

It Just Isn't a National Anthem without Flea Playing Bass
So during last night's BCS Championship game between Alabama and Texas, Josh Groban sang The National Anthem. Fine, that dude's a really famous singer. Standing right next to him, however, Flea was wailing on the bass. Huh?

Heidi Fleiss' Only True Friends Are Parrots
Finally, the premiere of Celebrity Rehab. The show where Dr. Drew exploits serious and life-threatening addictions for our entertainment. Last night, however, belonged to Heidi Fleiss. When you outcrazy Dennis Rodman, you know you're doing something wrong right...?!

Royal Feline Swimming Academy
This sketch from 1979's Mr. Mike's Mondo Video proves that cats really can swim-if taught by a hunk in a half-shirt. Though its comedy hinges on action nearing animal abuse, cats are natural swimmers, adorably awkward in action.

Washington Couple Collects 400,000 Cans to Pay for Their Wedding
CBS's Early Show highlighted a couple who plan to pay for their upcoming wedding by collecting four-hundred-thousand aluminum cans and cashing in their recycling money. Thrifty, sure, but who wants bags upon bags of cans all over your home?