So there're lots of little newslet bits coming out today about the Jay Leno-NBC-Conan kerfuffle. It's impossible to keep up with all of them, so we'll just say this: While an interesting media story, who really cares about late night?

However things end up shaking out of the tree — latest scuttlebutt is that Fox is talking to Conan and that the Cone-zone (see where we fall?) isn't keen to agree to NBC's terms — the fact of the matter is this: Come February 28th, once all this has been decided, we're just gonna go right back to not really caring about late night. Because while lots of people have their favorites — you can be a blandly loyal Leno type, a contrarian cynic Letterman fan, a smart alec Conan egghead, an aggressively smug Craig Ferguson devotee, or a lover of spastic Jimmy Fallon — no one we know actually watches any of these shows with any regularity. (Speaking only for ourselves, we're usually passed out or falling asleep or too drunk to pay attention.) So we'll return to ignoring it all until the next big shuffle comes around. It's just how we do.