Dana Carvey is no stranger to sketch comedy—starring in The Dana Carvey Show 13 years ago. It lasted one season. Let's hope this foray will be successful, because The Dana Carvey Show was years ahead of its time.

It's easy to see how a teaming of Dana Carvey and Spike Feresten is a natural fit. Spike, who was a writer on Dana Carvey's original show 13 years ago—had his own show that was similar, albeit milder to The Dana Carvey Show. Feresten's "Li'l Bill O'Reilly" sketch was one of many stand-outs on his show. However, The Dana Carvey Show had some of the most forward thinking, out-of-the-box humor with comedians that didn't hit it big then, but are household names now.

Stephen Colbert is introduced to the world


A then unknown Stephen Colbert was a seminal part of the show. His deadpan delivery, satirical journalism, and unwavering gravitas was perfected on Dana Carvey's show. And it really hasn't changed that much over the years.

Steve Carrell is introduced to the world


A bright-eyed Steve Carrell also got his break on the show. The two best correspondents The Daily Show has ever seen were on the same show together, and that show failed. Meanwhile, According to Jim runs for eight seasons. What a messed-up world we live in.

The concept and execution was hilarious

The first six episodes featured a specific sponsor, named in the title of each show: "The Mug Root Beer Episode," "The Taco Bell Episode," etc. And each episode was an absolute delight. Something SNL wishes it could re-create today.

So overall, the show was too left-of-center for American television. It lasted a grand total of one season, and was promptly canceled. Perhaps learning from their mistakes, Carvey and Feresten will be taking a more mainstream approach to this new show. "There will be more accessibility to the conceit," Carvey said. "The dryness or subversive elements will be a bit more subtle and less alternative."

I suppose having a simpler, easy to handle Carvey on TV is better than having no Carvey at all.