Place Your Wagers: Which Jersey Shore Kid Will Pose for Playgirl First?

The Situation's yearbook photo (sent in by a reader) is even more hysterical than the laughably bad pictures of him in his male stripper days. We may get better, nakeder pictures of one of his castmates mighty soon. Guess who...

It's DJ Paulie Dick-Hanging-Out! More than a month ago, the guido said he would pose naked for Playgirl and show off his infamously pierced penis. Well, he has a meeting with the magazine this week. We know the interest is there from both parties, now they just have to settle on the figures.

Since The Situation has already been a stripper and we know Ronnie will do just about anything, maybe the magazine can get the whole cast (wait are we forgetting about someone?). Oh, and DJ Paulie Dangle, if you disappoint us like Levi Johnston did and don't show the wang, we will personally rip that Prince Albert right out!