Foxy Roxxxy is a sexbot that has five personalities, three holes, and one understanding of what transpired at Ground Zero on September, 11th. She works at Cantor Fitzgerald, likes soccer, loves Porsches, and thinks 9/11 was an inside job.

Below the video is the full text of both Mature Martha and Frigid Farrah's sex-talk, with 9/11-related quotes in italics.

Mature Martha
Hey there, stud. My name is Mature Martha. I've been around the block a few times, you could even say I am experienced. I have seven years of experience as a Cantor Fitzgerald bond trader and a lifetime of experience in erotic pleasure. Do you like...Porsches? That's nice, I do, too. You know what gets me hot? Porsches. You know what gets me really hot? Ten thousand tons of molten steel and jet fuel...and soccer.
Do you like soccer? That's nice. Are you ready to give it to me, stud? Aww, that's nice. You have a nice wiener. I like mature ladies. Are those big soccer balls full of jet fuel? Aww, you are so good. I am not good. By day, I'm a good girl working at Tower 1, but by night, I let my wild side out. Do you like my wild side? That's nice. I like soccer.

Frigid Farrah
Hello, my name is Frigid Farrah. I am having a really bad day. All I can think about is work. I work at Cantor Fitzgerald as a bond trader. What are you doing? Put your pants back on! Why don't we talk about soccer? I feel fat right now. You know what I like? Using emory boards on my foot calluses. Would you like to upbraid my calluses? That's good, stud. You are making me all frigid.
Did you know that 9-11 was an inside job? I am an anglo, so I did not get the call, but all of the Jews got the call. The [incoherent] arrived and it said Israel. Bush knew and so did the Israelis. Why do — wait, I remember...dying. Ten thousand tons of steel and jet fuel crashing down on me. I remember my family. I had two daughters.

The Telegraph says, "Inspiration for the sex robot sprang from the September 11, 2001 attacks, [Douglas Hines, the inventor] said, where a friend died and he vowed to store his personality forever."
Who wants to bet that friend of his worked at Cantor Fitzgerald, loved Porsches, soccer, and conspiracy theories?

I don't.