Dave Winer said we give "blacks" too much power; Touré said sterotypically black leaders aren't allowed much power at all; and Tila Tequila celebrated the power of a new contract. The Twitterati had control issues.

Amid the kerfuffle over Harry Reid's old comments about Barack Obama's lack of "Negro dialect," software developer and blogging pioneer Dave Winer wondered why we give "blacks the power to control our culture." Funny, we didn't realize Liz Cheney, Mark Halperin or John Heilemann were black, much less spokespersons for "blacks."


Touré, an influencer of culture and actual black person, agreed with Sen. Harry Reid's underlying message about Barack Obama, despite the wording. Not that he's the Official Spokesman for "Blacks," or anything. We're still looking for that guy.

Professional reviled fameball Tila Tequila choked back her Casey Johnson grief long enough to sign some contracts and tweet, "YAYYYY!"

The Onion's Joe Randazzo dreamed of a different path through life, and kind of

loved it.

Former Wall Street Journal reporter Rebecca Dana continued her charm offensive against her former bosses at News Corp.

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