So on last night's Bachelor we found out that Rozlyn slept with a producer of the show. *Gasp!* The show built it up to no end, as it does with everything. But the best part of this "bombshell?" The reactions!

Before we begin, a clip must be shown first. A clip to sum up how schmaltzy, overblown, and romanticized The Bachelor is, almost to the point of being disingenuous. No, wait, it is disingenuous. Howso? The producers feel it is necessary to show that this girl is falling in love with Jake because he can fly a plane. How do they show this? By playing what may be the worst song of all time.

On the wings of loooooooooooove! Get it? Because they're in a plane. Plane, wings, terrible song: Magic.

Anyway, onto Rozlyn getting the ol' heave ho. It has already been pointed out that the fact that Rozlyn doesn't think her private life should be held against her is backwards, ironic, funny, and maybe the first inverted double-standard of all time. But rules are rules, Roz, and you gotta go. Hopefully she can find another reality show of her dreams to be on.

But let's go to the reactions. Jake is obviously crushed, because she was smoking hot. Poor Jake, now he only has 15 other beautiful women desperately fawning over him

It was pretty obvious that Rozlyn was going to be one of the final girls. And it doesn't take a a professional attractiveness expert to see that Rozlyn was one of the most attractive contestants on the show.

And the girls are crushed, too. Wait, did I say crushed? I meant ecstatic. Rozlyn was the clear front runnerthis season, and now that she's gone, they couldn't be happier. So do they accept this good news and move on? Oh, lord no. It's like the producers slipped estrogen into their pinot grigio. This drama will not be forgotten until all the ladies get in their sewing circle and on their soap boxes to talk about how disgusting, how awful, how plain evil Rozlyn is for doing something so stupid.

So it's easy to say everyone is pissed at Rozlyn. Except for the producer she slept with. That guy deserves a high five. Way to go, dude.

Anyway, we'll leave you with Christina, another contestant, getting the boot. In her farewell interview, the show makes it out to sound like all of the women who are staying are laughing at her. This of course makes Christina burst into tears.