Today at Gawker.TV, a full episode of Conan O'Brien's failed pilot Lookwell, Better Off Ted's filthy gag reel, CSI: Miami retold with the help of Tracy Jordan, How I Met Your Mother's musical letdown, and Morgan Freeman weighs in on Conan.

Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the DayLookwell, Conan O'Brien's Hilarious Failed Pilot
Lookwell doesn't often find itself in front of an audience because it was only aired once. The struggling King of Late Night was the brains behind the Adam West vehicle alongside Robert Smigel, the voice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the Day The Cast of Better Off Ted's Fantastically Vulgar Outtakes
In a recent episode, a transcribing error in a company-wide memo demands that all employees must use offensive language. To film these scenes, the cast got creative with their dirty insults. Their result was pure, hilarious filth.


Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the DayCSI: Miami in One Minute, Featuring 30 Rock's Tracy Jordan
Crime procedurals have become so formulaic and predictable, that they've become pointless to watch. So let's catch you up on the latest CSI: Miami. We edited it down to one minute, with some help from Tracy Jordan during plot twists.

Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the Day A Musical Critique of Last Night's How I Met Your Mother
CBS promised a whole generation of theater nerds, internet dweebs, and pop culture dorks an "all dancing, all singing" episode of How I Met Your Mother. If you don't believe anybody got ripped off, this post will prove you wrong.


Gawker.TV: The Five Best Videos Ever of the DayColbert Report Can't Resist Piling on the Conan Situation
Everyone is familiar with Morgan Freeman's soothing, authoritative voice. That's why Colbert had Freeman read blatantly untrue statements in his most trustworthy voice. One of those statements? That Conan could keep his 11:30 time slot. Ha!