Lookwell doesn't often find itself in front of an audience because it was only aired once. The struggling King of Late Night was the brains behind the Adam West vehicle alongside Robert Smigel, the voice of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog.

Conan has rejected NBC's offer to remain on The Tonight Show, but there is no chance that he will disappear from our television screens. Many know he was a head writer on SNL and The Simpsons, but his portfolio of comedy doesn't end there. He is also one of the small few that has network pilot creator on his resume. Is it safe to say Lookwell was before it's time? What will Conan do next? Will he host a new chat show, or is there a new formula on the horizon?


It seems only right that a clip from another show from the brain of Conan, starring his sidekick Andy, should be referenced too. The 2007 NBC offering, Andy Barker P.I., made it beyond the pilot, but like most shows featuring Andy Richter as leading man, it didn't make it beyond season one. Sorry Andy.