Did learning that your antidepressant is fucking useless make you toss all your Paxils out the window? Not so fast! You don't want to lose that sweet placebo effect. Because there's still a lot to be depressed about.

See, this one doc says hey, forget that study from last week, lots of antidepressants work for lots of people in lots of different ways. Which we think is great! People need antidepressants, since five times as many high school and college kids are stressed out than in our grandparents' day, and watching television is proven to kill you, and you're probably wetting the bed.

Admittedly, a grim outlook. And you can't turn to heroin, because you'd die from anthrax poisoning if you did. So hell, why not stick with the antidepressants? If they don't work, it's probably your fault.
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