Oh hell no.

Dollar Van Demos
is an independent hip hop venue that keeps it real and gets exposure for underground MCs...which makes it cool for them to do McDonald's commercials? No. Unsigned MCs, make a video about how McDonalds sucks and send it to me and if it is good I will put it up HERE which is much cooler than a god damn McDonald's commercial. And also is not POISON to your hip hop career. Come on. [via Adfreak]

UPDATE: Joe Revitte from Dollar Van Demos sent this note telling his side of the story.

Hello Mr. Nolan,

Thank you for the opportunity to respond. We would like to inform your readers the we are part of a community movement between independent creative artists and local Brooklyn businesses (Black Street Van Lines, Highbrid Outdoor and Dollar Van Demos plus others) whose collaboration results in the unique artistic expression on display. Rather than pursue out-of-reach dreams of major record deals and cable television broadcasts, we've all taken a step togerther with a major advertiser to bring this talent directly to a nationwide audience. We made it possible to cut out the middleman and we're proud of this achievement. For Dollar Van Demos, the deal has made it possible to continue its mission of making more Dollar Van Demos. And if any of your readers want to see what Joya Bravo and Wordspit are truly about, please visit their respective MySpace pages.

Best regards,
Joe Revitte
Dollar Van Demos