Oh Fox & Friends, how I've missed you. Today our beloved murmuring crayfish were discussing Sarah Palin's big Fox News debut and Gretchen, whoo-boy-howdy!, sure was impressed with her. She got such tough questions! Like: "Is Nancy Pelosi a kook?"

Seriously, guys! Gretchen isn't kidding. That is a tough, tough question. How do you, if you are Sarah Palin, answer when you are asked, asked by Bill O'Reilly on Fox News, if Nancy Pelosi, an old gay dildo from San Francisco that's been in everyone's gross parts and wants Communism to felch Patriotism or something, is a certifiable kook? Palin of course handled the question with aplomb by not answering it at all. But Gretchen still thought she did a great job. Yes, for some strange reason Gretchen Carlson highly approves of a vacuous and deliberately-dumb former beauty queen who somehow winked and titted her way onto the Fox News Network. Imagine that.