Tonight FX launches Archer, the latest animated concoction meant to amuse men people far too old to be watching cartoons. All these shows seem the same, but there are really subtle shades of difference that reveal much about their audience.

Description: An office comedy masquerading as a spy show starring Sterling Archer, an espionage agent whose boss is his mother.
You Are...: Married, slightly overweight, still not over the fact that Pavement broke up, strangely attractive.
What Is under Your Bed: The complete Arrested Development DVD collection
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Star Wars: A New Hope

Family Guy
Description: Meet Peter Griffin, a fat everyman who has a hot wife, crazy kids, a talking dog, and a serious love of non sequetors and fart jokes.
You Are...: A college graduate not working in the field you got a degree for, undersexed, in serious need of a new hair style, not as funny as you think you are.
What Is under Your Bed: One Converse sneaker and a packet of bong screens.
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith


The Simpsons
Description: This long-running family comedy is more of a social commentary than anything. It is as full of bad jokes as Homer's gut is full of donuts.
You Are...: On an antidepressant and slightly OCD, funny when you're drunk, spending way too much time watching basic cable, someone who knows better but still doesn't care, a New Yorker subscriber.
What Is under Your Bed: Your ex-girlfriend's empty Ambien bottle.
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Empire Strikes Back

The Cleveland Show
Description: Family Guy with more brown and less funny.
You Are...: The last to get the joke, stoned, unemployed, a collector of vinyl, a person who tells black jokes.
What Is under Your Bed: An original NES.
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Star Wars: Attack of the Clones


Robot Chicken
Description: What ever the Plah-Doh tells Seth Green and friends it wants to be when they take peyote.
You Are...: Not reading this website.
What Is under Your Bed: Fur-lined handcuffs.
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Star Wars: The Phantom Menace

Venture Brothers
Description: The mis-adventures of two pea-brained brothers, their scientist father, and one scary/sexy bodyguard as they fight super villains and each other.
You Are...: Regularly up too late, wearing women's panties, oversexed, holding down a great job, slightly deranged.
What Is under Your Bed: A crusty sock and a moldy bag of Cool Ranch Doritos.
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Return of the Jedi

Wolverine and the X-Men
Description: It's OK to be a grown man watching shows about a group of super-powered mutants on Nick Toons, right?
You Are...: Gay, afraid of commitment to something other than fictional characters, a big Pixies fan, the type who abandons a blog three posts in, touching yourself right now.
What Is under Your Bed: Bodies.
Favorite Star Wars Movie: Fuck that. Star Wars is not a comic adaptation.