Apparently there are people who live in cities who don't lock their doors? My mom used to leave her car unlocked in a small Florida beach town, but that stopped after her car was stolen. This is different: these are people who live in large metropolitan areas and leave their homes unlocked, and, worse, talk to a reporter about it. The NYT had no trouble tracking down about a million of these people, to discuss their insouciant disregard for locking mechanisms. Although most insisted on remaining mysteriously unidentified by geography and surname! Fear factor. For the first person who can successfully track down "Matt," your prize will be three free televisions:

Matt has never had a key to his house. When he moved to San Diego from Honolulu on a whim five years ago, the landlord, who is charging him very low rent, told him that if he wanted a key, he would have to have one made, he says. He has never bothered and neither have any of his roommates. And there are valuable items in the house.

"We have three big-screen TVs in our living room, which faces out on a busy main street," Matt says. "I don't know if we're asking for it."