As you can see in this photo (thanks, reader), 7th Avenue in Midtown has been shut down by police, due to a "suspicious package." Internal email warnings, continuous updates, and photos of the purported terror bag, below. Plus: David Paterson!

This email went out to workers in a nearby office building:

"We have been notified by our building's Security Director that there
is a police mobilization at 54th Street and 7th Avenue as a result of
a suspicious package at 53rd Street and 7th Avenue. This will bring
a large number of police officers to our area. They may also close
some streets.

I will notify you as soon as more information is available."

Know more? Email us. Or just run away.

UPDATE: Oh here is a live video stream of the intersection.
UPDATE 2: One tipster writes, "We were just told that its a suspicious package at the Sheraton Center."
UPDATE 3: A tipster tells us the following is a pic of the unidentified bag causing the scare. And below that, another pic of the deserted intersection.

UPDATE 4: Another word from someone on the scene! "I was just informed that a guy in a 'bomb suit', whatever that is, is detonating the package right now. Apparently it is outside the Lindy's restaurant, so I am told."
BOMBSHELL UPDATE 5: NY governor David Paterson was scheduled to speak today at the very time and location of this terror outbreak! Which would explain the massive police presence. From Paterson's daily schedule:

12:30 PM Delivers Remarks at the 13th Annual Rainbow/PUSH Coalition's Wall Street Project Economic Summit

The Sheraton New York Hotel and Towers
811 Seventh Avenue at 53rd Street
New York City

UPDATE 6: A bomb squad dude can clearly be seen on the live stream messing with the package now, maybe to detonate!?

UPDATE 7: And, apparently it was nothing after all, AS USUAL. From one tipster on the scene:

Actual words of my building's fire safety "The package has been found to be unfounded."
It's gone and 7th Avenue, as well as all building entrances are clear.