In your tricky Thursday media column: the NYT is now a cheap-ass school, media cafeterias rated, the PR industry thrives, another newspaper company goes bankrupt, and News Corp fully supports toadlike fascist Roger Ailes.

The NYT Co., knowing full well you can't make any money in "newspapers," is getting into the online education business. This will go great with their wine business! The New York Times Co.: Basically like sitting home drinking MD 20/20 while you do University of Phoenix homework.

Jeff Bercovici explores the cleanest and dirtiest media cafeterias in NYC, according to health inspectors. Reuters is filthiest and Bloomberg's is best, because everyone who works at Bloomberg is a slave to snacks.

The PR industry is doing (relatively) great. Suck it, every other industry, particularly the media!

The latest newspaper company to go bankrupt is Morris Publishing, which owns 13 papers down south, including my hometown newspaper. Morris says its bankruptcy won't have a "noticeable impact" on its operations, so that's...good.

In the wake of much speculation, News Corp now is all, "News Corp. is 100% behind Roger Ailes," News Corp. President Chase Carey said, adding, "We hope and expect he will continue to lead Fox News well into the future." Tonight Roger Ailes will call Chase Carey to tell him where he can find his daughter, who's still alive, minus a couple pinky fingers.