We missed this little tidbit yesterday, buried as it was in an Ausiello Files scoopapalooza. But it demands attention! Greek — a warm and witty ABC Family show that we actually like — might get canceled??

What fresh hell is this? Has TV not already been decimated and destroyed enough? The show, about a Midwestern university's fraternity/sorority scene, is apparently the only ABC Family series not yet picked up for another season. Which is weird, considering it's likely the netlet's highest profile property. One of the series' supporting actors (he plays Beaver the fratboy) has Tweeted that Greek's future is at the mercy of the ratings when it comes back for another round of epiosdes on January 25th. So it's in your hands! Watch it, won't you? We promise you'll enjoy it. If not for the surprisingly smart and clever writing, then at least for this stuff.