When Maury Povich finally exhausted the "Who's the Daddy" and "I Slept With Your Brother" themed shows, they needed something fresh and exciting. Putting the Maury staff in a haunted room to look for ghosts? Sure, why not.

And of course they spend one night in a creepy room with an infrared camera, (infrared cameras see ghosts?) and that room is haunted as shit. The ghosts say spooky shit like "Leave us alone!" "I'm right behind you!" and "I am NOT the baby-daddy of that trick-ass poltergeist!"

Did they see anything? Maury sees what looks to be something in the shape of a suspicious apparition. Is that...is that what I think it is? Yes! It's the ghosts of Ptorsha and Ronnie the Black Albino! AHHHHHH!!!!