So James Franco made his much anticipated cameo on 30 Rock last night. And not only was it weird as all hell, it may have harkened back to James Franco's dark, gossip-ridden past.

So to begin, Jenna receives a proposal from James Franco's agent. He wants Jenna and James be set-up in a fake relationship with strictly to dispel certain gossipy whispers.

What are those whispers about exactly? What kind of deep, dark secret could James possibly be hiding? A Japanese Anime body pillow fetish, of course. But Jenna doesn't care, she just wants the press. So they go ahead and sign.

Whoah. Let's back this trolley up a sec. First of all, 30 Rock is well known for taking jabs at real-life situations on their show. Like hinting at Hugh Jackman's homosexuality, and making numerous tongue-in-cheek knocks at NBC.

Well this "James Franco has sex with pillows" can follow in that very same vein. If you connect the dots, a blind item surfaced in 2008 about a "straight" Hollywood hunk breaking into his ex-boyfriends house and violently raping him. And while no names were officially named, the overwhelming majority pointed an unfounded, accusatory finger to James Franco. Is this 30 Rock calling back to a very sensitive tabloid situation, or pure coincidence?

Anyway, Jenna wants this to be more than a contract. She accidentally falls in love with James—acting like a total non-pillow—and the whole relationship has to be called off.

But James is determined to have fun, whether it be with a woman, a pillow, or both. Liz Lemon runs into James at a club, along with James' pillow. Cut to a scene of Liz, James, and the pillow exiting Liz's room with disheveled hair and a rumpled pillow. And that is where the weirdest episode of 30 Rock comes to an end: Pillow Fetish Threesomes.