Attack of the Wrong-Wayers! If you were naive enough to operate under the assumption that your late three-day weekend travel plans would go unmolested by assholes of both the civilian and government stripe, think again. There's been another security breach.

This week's potential Wrong-Wayer was at JFK's Terminal 8, which had to be completely evacuated and re-screened after someone walked where they weren't supposed to around an hour ago! Wrong-wayers create all kinds of shitty problems, like delays! For example, we all know pilots and flight crews are only allowed to log so many hours on the job before they go on FAA mandated resting periods. An evacuation can delay things for several hours, which are most likely several hours the already mistake-prone American Airlines did not build into their schedule as a grace period. Good thing they got that supply run into Haiti yesterday. As far any word on who/what the breach was, exactly:

There's naturally nothing. But if it were some kind of security breach that were actually dangerous (as opposed to unnecessary), we would've heard about it. So we can only assume this to be another Wrong-Wayer, who foiled the watchful of the TSA yet again, thus proving the unfortunate truth that whenever the most basic, simple, easy solutions to problems are set forth as attempts to counteract the Murphy's Law of Idiots, it's always safer to rely on the idiots to come through.

That said, Wrong-Wayers are a failure on two very different levels:

1. Organizational: Why can't the TSA stop people from going the wrong way?

2. Philosophical: Why can't people stop walking the wrong way?

This is just further evidence that people need babysitters, and those babysitters need babysitters. I can't wait until we're all robots, because then, I won't have to live in fear of my vacation getting totally fucked up by assholes. Related:

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