RNC chairman "His Crunkness" Michael Steele better watch out: Sarah Palin is definitively the rock star of the Republican party now that she's earning both "let it rain" money and Lady Gaga comparisons from the New York Times.

How much, exactly, is Rock Star Money? Consider what you made the last time you worked an eight-hour day. Maybe even draw the number on paper, to be sure. Ready? Via Page Six this morning:

For an In Touch magazine shoot that lasted eight hours with daughter Bristol, Palin pulled $100,000.


$100,000 is also, reportedly, the price tag for each of her speaking engagements. And there's no number on that glorious Fox News deal of hers (unless you know something, in which case, we love numbers!). But it takes more than serious scratch to get to rock star status. You gotta be hip with the kids. Or at least funny-named hip New York Times columnists Charles M. Blow (see: "Blow, Charlie"), who opens up on Palin this weekend with an eye-catching redubbing of Palin as "Lady BlahBlah," and even better, after noting her "shrewd" decision to become a Fox News contributor: "Touché, Barracuda."

I have no idea where the hell Charlie Blow got that from, but Sarah "The Barracuda" Palin might belong in the pantheon of Great Nicknames of Our Time. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has yet to rule on this, however. Also, Blow continues to reference Our Lady of the Immaculate Penis throughout the piece:

"...she has one of the best poker faces..."
"...She continues to command the spotlight while they dance in the dark."
"...this fame monster...."

Oh, and also, he's beginning to write like people who blog about Lady Gaga.

"...[Palin has] the stamina to endure until the end. (Sigh.)"

Excuse me, that's "le sigh" to you, Charles. Because there're several major differences between Lady Gaga and Sarah Palin. And one of them isn't a penis. Not that Sarah Palin has a penis. UNLESS...

And on that note: le sigh, indeed.