That's it! Pending any breaking news, we're calling it a night. Sigourney Weaver's hosting Saturday Night Live tonight, and your open thread for the show and the rest of the evening is after the jump.

Apologies if you noticed Saturday Night Special's month-long hiatus for the last few weekends! We've been a little dusty putting together all new kinds of Saturday-Sunday magic for the new year in the #GawkerWeekendLabs, and also, sobering up from December. But maybe you noticed our new art columnist? Ms. Kelsey Keith is gonna be dropping in every other week, give or take. We're also working on getting a few more regular Sunday features up and going, too.

Every time we play with music, we have fun, right? Right. More like that. And who remembers the wonderful fun of Blue States Lose? Well, that's not coming back, because hipsters are everywhere and also kind of over. But! The Cool Kids of America are out at parties, wearing their wares, huffing things you didn't know you could huff, listening to musical genres named after things you previously assumed to only be applicable to flash-fried foods! We're gonna figure out what those things are, and then tell you. And then maybe try to huff them. And I think we're in desperate need of more info-graphics, because fuck words, pictures are the future. Of course, if there's anything you think would be fun, feel free to shout.

Tomorrow! Altarcations at 2:30, figuring out why NBC's trying to take the "fun" out of "funny," and lots of rainy day fun. And we'll leave this day how we began, with this jam. Play it loud, see you in the comments: