On Friday—one day after the last-minute cancellation of her concertLady Gaga stopped by Oprah to perform a medley of her hits and chat with the Queen of Daytime. Here's what you can take away from the appearance.

1) Oprah Still Loves to Scream the Names of Celebrities

2) But What Name Should Oprah Scream? Seems Gaga is Not Immune to Identity Crises

3) Sometimes, Shoulder Pads Can Be a Curse

4) Stubborn Windshields Can Also Be a Curse

5) Suck It, James Cameron! Avatar Was Gaga's Idea

6) That Kermit Dress? It Wasn't Just a Dress, It Was a Statement

7) Apparently, Oprah Didn't Watch the VMAs (Where Gaga Performed Paparazzi)

8) Gaga Loves Food, and Art Smith Loves Gaga

9) Oprah May or May Not Be a Little Monster, but She Loves Her Heartbeat Headphones

[The Oprah Winfrey Show]

(Special thanks to Dan for sending me the raw video and saving me a ton of time!)