A song made famous by a 62-year-old American Idol auditioner too old to qualify for the show has reached the exuberant ass-slapping hands of the NFL's oldest quarterback. No, he does not grasp the irony.

After leading the Minnesota Vikings to their deeply satisfying annihilation of the Dallas Cowboys, turncoat multimillionaire Brett Favre danced around the locker room singing "Pants on the Ground," a song invented by General Larry Platt, a 62-year-old American Idol auditioner and enemy to hooligans in saggy pants.

Though Favre may not wear his literal pants on the ground, he has spent recent years "Call[ing himself] a cool cat, / Lookin' like a fool," galavanting between rival teams and tearfully begging his bosses to alter his contract and his weary fans to love him again. So his metaphoric pants are totally on the ground.