As it's Martin Luther King Day, it seems appropriate to showcase King on The Tonight Show during the Carson years.

We've been covering a lot of the happenings during NBC's late night commiseration, and many have made the valid point that arguments over the well being of millionaires on television is not the most constructive thing a person could do, but isn't the well being of a program like The Tonight Show more than that. Isn't this clip, as short as it is, proof?

If there was a way to argue over something deeper than, "Who should host?" then maybe such an argument could be explored, but in the current climate it's impossible to broach the subject. While newscasts have always inundated with the travesties and tragedies all over the world, The Tonight Show was once a place where an American hero like Martin Luther King could take himself out of social upheaval, sit down, have a few laughs, and show America a lighter side of himself. Happy MLK Day.

[video via YouTube]