Very. During last night's red carpet at The Golden Globes, Billy Bush landed a sweet interview with Julia Roberts. And by "interview," we mean a wasted Roberts shouting whatever thoughts enter her mind.

Sober Julia Roberts is usually such a demure, sweet girl on the red carpet. She is friendly, personable, says all the right things, smiles her toothy grin, and moves along. Leaving everyone thinking, "what a nice celebrity!"

Well, evil Julia decided to lock good Julia in a closet last night, thanks in part to our good friend Peppermint Schnapps. And she went on some really brilliant stream of consciousness tangents; shouting out facts o' the day and brilliant bon mots:

"Happy birthday, Michelle Obama!"

"NBC, you guys are in the toilet right now!"

"Just picture Danny and I together. Well not in that way, but as a person."

Where would we be without Julia Roberts? Forgetting to say happy birthday to Michelle Obama on her Facebook fan page, that's where. And frankly, a world where a sober Julia Roberts doesn't tell us it's Michelle Obama's birthday isn't a world we want to be a part of.

[via Dlisted]