The president has finally tweeted. Barack Obama's first-ever personally-issued tweet concerned disaster relief in Haiti. It's a worthy topic for any sort of communications debut, so we're sure Obama wasn't trying to reward Twitter Inc. for spanking Karl Rove.

Of course, Obama is still using a ghostwriter for his microblogging, he just "pushed the button" on a tweet for the Red Cross, unlike on the White House Twitter where interns (Robert Gibbs) push the buttons:

This action is, of course, simultaneous evidence that Obama loves Haiti more than America, for whom he is too good to tweet, and that he's indecisive and weak, for tweeting when he should be saving lives or at least bombing something. Also, sacrilegious, since Muslims belong on the Red Crescent Twitter. That about covers it, right?

Oh, except it should be noted that former George W. Bush henchman Karl Rove had his rare and precious "Verified Account" badge taken away for three days this past week, cutting him off from precious Twitter groupies. So maybe Obama is rewarding Twitter for punishing his enemies, mmm?

Sadly, Rove's badge was restored this afternoon after we emailed Twitter Inc. asking why they had done this awesome thing. You can thank us via PayPal, Karl.

(Top pic: Obama at the DC Red Cross office today, with the unidentified man (center) who actually typed the historic tweet.)