Following hot on the heels of explosive blockbusters The Lady's Man and Superstar, SNL takes another stab at it with the sketch-to-movie adaptation of MacGruber. One thing is for sure: the trailer will be the best thing about this movie.

MacGruber is a running sketch on SNL that is essentially one joke: MacGruber is trying to diffuse a bomb, he gets sidetracked, and in the middle of his tangent, the bomb explodes. It's a good joke, but that's precisely the problem the movie will face. They are going to extrapolate an entire movie out of one joke. It's almost too easy to see all the dead space while the movie grasps at straws in a vain attempt to form a cohesive plot that anyone will even remotely care about. Just save yourself the 10 bucks and watch the trailer; it's sure to be better than sitting through 90 minutes of recycled dick and fart jokes.

Although "Up your butthole" is sure to be printed on t-shirts shortly.

[via iamrogue]