Ugh, what happened to Luke Renner, the fameballing American expat in Haiti? Pre-Earthquake, he was running a small collection of nonprofits. Now he's gleefully converting tragedy into Twitter fame.

Bucky Turco at Animal New York was first to highlight Renner's hyperactively self-centered microblogging, and the examples he's pulled — Renner "giggling" at Ann Curry's flattery, throwing himself at TV anchors Anderson Cooper and Katie Couric, and breaking into an airport to appear on Today — are completely fair to the, uh, spirit of Renner's overall Twitter stream lately:

(UPDATE: Renner has a supremely reasonable and mature response in the comments below.)

That's a straight, chronological except. Here are some selective highlights, though it's worth noting that the first two do appear right next to each other like that in the original stream:

Maybe Renner should add footage of his vanity-tweeting to his collection of charity videos. After all, nothing attracts donors like "success."

(Top pic: Renner with Ann Curry, via Renner's Twitpic)